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Welcome to my Official Website. I was elected to South Australian Parliament as an Independent Member of the Legislative Council in 2006.

On this site you will find my parliamentary speeches, media releases, Private Members Bills as well as detailed information about myself and my key policies, which include Drug Treatment Reform, Child Protection, WorkCover,
Polygraph Testing for Family Law, the establishment of an individualised Disability management plan, and the removal of fluoride in our drinking water.

As an Independent Member of Parliament, I am committed to working with as many people and organisations as possible to develop policies which will deliver the best outcomes for South Australians, and I am interested in hearing your views. 

To watch an extended interview with Ann in which she discusses her policies, views and her life prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, please click here.

This Website will be constantly updated so check back regularly to see what's new.

Select Committee Inquiry into Families SA

Following numerous complaints of mistreatment and abuse of process by Families SA staff, in 2007 Ann established a Parliamentary Select Committee into Families SA, which heard from professionals, both within and outside the system, parents, extended families, and foster carers. The report, which was rightfully damning of Families SA, was handed down late in 2009 and can be accessed here or via the South Australian Parliament website.

Latest News and Updates

Shark Fishing on Populated Beaches

As you may have seen, late last year the Normanville community expressed its anger that anglers had been fishing for sharks from their local jetty. Of particular concern was the use of significant amounts of berley to attract sharks to an area in which people, including young members of the local Surf Life Saving club, regularly swim. Due to the inability of authorities to act, there were even reports of community members taking matters into their own hands resulting in a violent altercation.

Early this year, the Sunday Mail reported in the article Anglers Lure Sharks Close to Beaches (8/1/2012) that anglers had also caught sharks off of the Henley Beach Jetty during daylight hours amongst swimmers enjoying the popular metropolitan beach.

A Bronze Whaler caught from the Normanville Jetty

Currently the law does not prevent anglers attracting sharks to populated beaches. The only control is exercised by regulation 23 of the Fisheries (General) Regulations 2007, which reads:


(1)   A person must not use blood, bone, meat, offal or skin of an animal as berley (otherwise than in a rock lobster pot or other fish trap) within 2 nautical miles of—

(a)   the mainland of the State; or

(b)   any island or reef that forms part of the State and is exposed at the low water mark.

Maximum penalty: $2 500.

Expiation fee: $210.

(2)   A person must not deposit or use in marine waters of the State the body, or part of the body, of a mammal or bird.

Maximum penalty: $2 500.

Expiation fee: $210.

While reports of the use of lamb shanks as berley to attract sharks is clearly an offence, for obvious reasons fisheries officers have interpreted the offence to not apply to fish products. Given that this offence does not take into consideration the amount of or the manner in which permitted berley is used, attracting sharks to populated beaches using entire tuna carcases or large quantities of tuna oil sufficient to create a visible slick is not prohibited.

For this reason, Ann intends on introducing her Fisheries Management (Attracting Sharks) Amendment Bill 2012 that will create an offence of attracting sharks to prescribed waters. The key element of Ann’s proposed offence is the angler’s mens rea or intention, which will in part be assessed by their equipment, such as the weight of line or the size of hooks, and the amount and type of berley used. For instance, the use of relatively small amounts of tuna oil to attract fish or offal in a crab net is clearly not intended to attract sharks to the area.

As you will note, the offence will only apply to prescribed areas, which initially will be anywhere within 2 nautical miles of the coast, but is intended to be narrowed by regulation to populated areas and beaches regularly used by swimmers. Further, the offence enables the Director of Fisheries to provide exemptions where appropriate.

It is Ann’s hope that this offence will protect and reassure beachgoers whilst enabling recreational anglers to still fish for sharks where safe to do so. However, simply stating that the ocean is the shark’s domain does not justify actively attracting sharks to areas in which beachgoers swim. Swimmers safety should not be compromised by the actions of a minority, nor should the majority be forced to stick to swimming pools for fear of sharks.

Prior to introducing her Bill in the Legislative Council, Ann is keen to hear from the community on her proposal. For this reason, Ann invites your comments on the Fisheries Management (Attracting Sharks) Amendment Bill 2012 and asks that you send it to her by Friday, 3rd February 2012.

Minimum Sentencing for Child Sex Offenders

On Thursday, 15th September, Ann along with the FaceBook group Keep Mark Trevor Mashall in Jail held a protest on the steps of Parliament calling for mandatory imprisonment of child sex offenders.

Sex Offender Rally 2

Sex Offender Rally 1

Several victims and their family members spoke out against the lenient sentences too often imposed on paedophiles. As an example, victims spoke of Mark Trevor Marshall recieving suspended sustences, only to be released into the community and reoffend. They spoke of their anger at Mark Trevor Marshall again being released, despite being 'indefinitely detained' in 2009 for being 'incapable of controlling, or unwilling to control, his sexual instincts'. To download the flyer about Mark Trevor Marshall, click here.  

Ann is calling on everyone who supports her Bill for mandatory imprisonment for child sex offenders, which is currently before Parliament, to sign the petition, which can be downloaded here.

Ann recently wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Stephen Pallaras expressing Mr Marshall’s threat to the community and her desire for him to remain incarcerated. A copy of Ann's letter and the DPP response can be found here.

Ann Stands Up for Worker's Rights

Ann recently spoke at a rally in support of Public Service workers who are having their long service leave rights arbitarily slashed by the Labor Government, despite their existing conditions being part of their industrial award. Below are photo's taken on the day:

 Ann Bressington at Public Service Rally

Public Service Rally

WorkCover in the Spotlight

The mismanagement of WorkCover and EML, the monopoly claims agent, has again been raised in the media, with David Nankervis from the Sunday Mail exposing that interstate Doctors are being used to do 'Independent Medical Examinations' at far greater expense than South Australian Doctors. These Doctors were described by Dr Andrew Lavender, President of the South Australian Branch of the Australian Medical Association, as "hired guns", adding that "(claims managers) are trying to seek someone who, instead of giving an independent opinion, is giving the opinion they want" For those who missed the Sunday Mail article by David Nankervis, it can be read by following this link: Outrage at $439 an hour medicos from interstate.

Following the Sunday Mail article, this and other issues were raised by Leon Byner on 5AA 1395 on Monday 31st May 2010 and Tuesday 1st June 2010. The complete transcripts can be found here.

In the next sitting week of Parliament, Ann moved a motion calling for a ministerial investigation into the allegations made by the AMA, other medical and legal professionals and inured workers. The Hansard of Ann's speech when introducing the motion can be found here.

Ann's Question in Parliament results in seizure of 5000 illegal adult magazines and DVD's

On Tuesday the 27th October 2009, Ann asked a question in Parliament about the adequacy of the policing of adult bookstores. Earlier in the month, Ann was provided by a concerned citizen publications that, while displaying an 'R18+' sticker, were unclassified and hence illegal to sell. On further investigation, Ann learnt that the practice of adult bookstores selling unclassified material is common, with stores marking up prices to reflect the risk. Ann subsequently reported her concerns, the unclassified publications and the address of the store from which they were purchased to the South Australian Police.

On the same Tuesday, the South Australian Police acting off of the information provided by Ann raided the adult bookstore concerned, resulting in the seizure of approximately 5000 adult magazines and DVD's and a male being charged for breaching the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 (SA)

To read the question asked by Ann, please click here.

Fluoride in our drinking water?

Have you been led to believe that fluoride is added to our drinking water to improve dental health? Are you aware that there is extensive research linking the intake of fluoride to numerous health conditions, including osteoporosis, hormone disruption and has been confirmed as a neurotoxin? Are you aware that the fluoride added to South Australia's drinking water by SA Health is fluorosilicic acid, which is a toxic waste product of the superphosphate (fertiliser) and alumunium industries? To learn more about what we haven't been told, click here. To read a recent a speech Ann made in the Legislative Council in which she provided an overview of this research, please click here. To read three key statements by Dr W. Hurzy Phd, Dr A. K. Susheela PhD and Dr P. Mullenix Phd, click here.

Mount Gambier Residents: Did you recieve the letter from Dr Tony Sherbon, Chief Executve of SA Health, and Dr Anne Howe, Chief Executive of SA Water, on Saturday, 9th October, in your Junk Mail? Are you angry that your request to be heard was brushed aside by the statement "after some years of public discussion and consultation" or that your concerns about fluoride being linked to the onset of osteosarcoma (bone cancer), impairment of the thyroid and the pineal gland, and dental and sekeletal fluorosis, amongst other health conditions, were ignored in the Fluoridation Fact Sheet provided? Ann has drafted a suggested response to Dr Sherbon and Dr Howe, that can be download as a Microsoft Word Document. A guide has also been prepared by Choice Mount Gambier which can be downloaded here. To C.c the letter to Ann, please address it to:

Hon Ann Bressinton MLC

Parliament House, North Tce


Advertiser Article: Yet another example of a serious issue being trivialised by the media is Tory Shepherd's article on Ann's advocacy of removing fluoride from our water supply, entitled Be Afraid, There's Something Lurking in the Water. To read responses to this article by Ann and other prominent professionals, including Professor Paul Connett, click here.

Uraniam in our drinking water? The recent results of an Freedom of Information request that sought the Certificates of Analysis of the fluorosilicic acid used in South Australia have revealed numerous contaminants, including concerning amounts of aliminium, heavy metals and even uranium. To see an example of the Certificates of Analysis recieved, click here.


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Recent Speeches:

Children's Protection (Recording of Meetings) Amendment Bill 2010

Victims of Crime (Abuse in State Care) Amendment Bill 2009

Victims of Abuse in State Care (Compensation) Bill

Controlled Substances (Palliative Use of Cannabis) Amendment Bill  

‘medical marijuana’

Whistleblowers Protection (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill

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